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Welcome to Prairie Marsh Kennel!


My name is Larry Hansen. I am the breeder, trainer, and owner of Prairie Marsh Kennel. I grew up in a hunting family, and the tradition has stayed with me throughout my entire life.

One day, at a very young age, I brought home an abandoned Labrador mix puppy. When I found him, he was wandering around the small town in southwestern Minnesota, where my family and I lived. I worked diligently with a trainer in the area until I thought my pup had completed his training. I was so eager to test his skills I entered him in a local competition. My mother drove me to Sioux Falls to compete with my pup, but it did not go as planned. We did terribly, but instead of throwing in the towel, it was back to the drawing board.


With a lot of hard work and determination, the second time we competed, we took 1st place. And that, my friends, is where it all began. Since then, I have owned and trained Labradors, as well as, Cocker Spaniels. All while also doing a small amount of field trialing on the side. I love well-trained gundogs. This is probably an easy guess since I have been raising and training them for the last 45 years.


In more recent years, we have incorporated a group of friends that own and help out with the breeding program. At Prairie Marsh Kennel we do not condone the concept of puppy mills. If I do not have the time to train and hunt them all, I have too many. Quality over quantity! This also ensures that all animals get the care and attention they deserve.


At the kennel, we take the British approach to training and rarely use a collar. We do not believe in using shock collars on our pups. We want them to enjoy what they are doing and bond with their owner. Employing less humane methods of training will only ensure the animal responds out of fear. We use a slower yet more rewarding type of training that employs the use of giving treats for a job well done. This technique will guarantee a happy, and well-rounded animal that has a strong bond with its owner, which is our ultimate goal.


We have a small number of litters any given year, along with an occasional started or finished dog. If you are interested in a pup, started, or finished dog, contact us. 

Please contact us at:

LARRY HANSEN CELL: 507-993-9557


3024 120TH ST., GARVIN MN. 56132



This guarantee is valid for a period of 30 months from the date of birth.

The animal must be owned but the original buyer.

The animal must not have whelped or sired a litter.

The animal's AKC registration name must begin with Prairie Marsh.

Your guarantee covers;


  • Hip dysplasia, hip x-rays must be sent to the OFA for certification

  • Elbow dysplasia, elbow x-rays must be sent to the OFA for certification

  • ·Ocular/vision defects must be certified by a licensed ophthalmologist


We will guarantee you will not have DNA-affected reading for PFK, PRA, EIC, SD2, FN, AMS, OR CMN.


In the case of any genetic disorders, Prairie Marsh Kennel will replace the animal with one of equal value. This will be at our discretion. The animal that was originally purchased from PMK must be returned to our kennel.


All of our puppies are sold with limited registration.

If you would like to breed or have a litter, we require health testing beforehand. Once this is done and the results returned to Prairie Marsh Kennel, we will lift your AKC papers to full registration.






Privacy Policy:
Prairie Marsh Kennel Will keep a record of purchase on every pup, started dog, finished dog
We will keep:
Dam AKC#, Sire AKC#, AKC Litter#, DOB, Client Name, Address and Phone Number, copy of guarantee.
This information will be held by Prairie Marsh Kennel for a period of 7 years.
This information will be private, only by clients request will it be made public.

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